Meet Our Experts

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roswanira Abdul Wahab

Diploma in Microbiology, UiTM, BSc. (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry, UTM, BSc. in Chemistry (Taught-course), UTM, Ph.D. in Chemistry (Synthesis), UPM


My passion for academics has always been teaching and research. I have been lecturing since 2006, and working with students has been nothing but fun and fulfilling to the soul. What better way to live but to inspire and guide young minds through the nooks and cranny of university life. On the other hand, my research interest only began when I was halfway through my Ph.D. training. Yes, I would call it “training.” It was then that I realized that there are so many things to do, to discover in life and that the knowledge that life offers is boundless.

Selected Publications

  1. Elias,N., Wahab, R.A., Jye, L.W., Mahat, N.A., Chandren, S., Jamalis, J. (2021) Taguchi orthogonal design  assisted immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase onto nanocellulose-silica reinforced polyethersul-  fone membrane: physicochemical characterization and operational stability, Cellulose, Volume 28,  Pages 5669–5691
  2. Jacob, A.G., Wahab, R.A., Mahat, N.A. (2021) Ternary biogenic silica/magnetite/graphene oxide com-  posite for the hyperactivation of Candida rugosa lipase in the esterification production of ethyl  valerate, Enzyme and Microbial Technology, Volume 148, Article number 109807
  3. Ezeilo, U.R., Wahab, R.A., Huyop, F., David, E.E., Tin, L.C. (2021) Solid‐state valorization of raw oil palm  leaves by novel fungi Trichoderma asperellum UC1 and Rhizopus oryzae UC2 for sustainable produc-  tion of cellulase and xylanase, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Article in Press
  4. Khairul Anuar, N.F.S., Wahab, R.A., Huyop, F., Amran, S.I., Abdul Hamid, A.A., Abd Halim, K.B., Hood, M.H.M.  (2021) Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations of a mutant Acinetobacter haemo-  lyticus alkaline-stable lipase against tributyrin, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics,  Volume 39, Issue 6, Page 2079-2091

Bahaman, A.H., Wahab, R.A., Abdul Hamid, A.A., Abd Halim, K.B., Kaya, Y. (2021) Molecular docking and  molecular dynamics simulations studies on β-glucosidase and xylanase Trichoderma asperellum to  predict degradation order of cellulosic components in oil palm leaves for nanocellulose preparation,  Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, Volume 39, Issue 7, Pages 2628-2641