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Dr. Mohd Hafiz Puteh

Civil Engineering


Research Expertise: Adsorption for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Biological Treatment  Processes, Membrane for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Selected Publications

  1. Salim, N.A.A., Fulazzaky, M.A., Puteh, M.H., Khamidun, M.H., MOhd Yusof, A.R., Abdullah, N.H., Ahmad, N.,  Lazim, Z.M., Nuid, M. (2021) Adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution onto iron-coated waste  mussel shell: Physicochemical characteristics, kinetic, and isotherm studies, Biointerface Research in  Applied Chemistry, Volume 11(5), pp. 12831–12842.
  2. Adam, M.R., Othman, M.H.D., Kadir, S.H.S.A., Elma, M., Kurniawan, T.A., Ismail, A.F., Puteh, M.H., Mustafa, A., A.  Rahman, M., Jaafar, J., Abdullah, H. (2021) Ammonia removal by adsorptive clinoptilolite ceramic  membrane: Effect of dosage, isothermal behavior and regeneration process, Korean Journal of  Chemical Engineering, Volume 38(4), pp. 807–815.
  3. Peechmani, P., Othman, M.H.D., Kamaludin, R., Puteh, M.H., Jaafar, J., A. Rahman, M., Ismail, A.F., Kadir,  S.H.S.A., Md. Illias, R., Gallagher, J., Djuli, S.M. (2021) High flux polysulfone braided hollow fiber membrane  for wastewater treatment role of zinc oxide as hydrophilic enhancer, Journal of Environmental  Chemical Engineering, 9(5), 105873.
  4. Pauzan, M.A.B., Othman, M.H.D., Ismail, N.J., Puteh, M.H., Ismail, A.F., A. Rahman, M., Jaafar, J. (2021)  Fabrication of zirconia-kaolin dual layer hollow fiber membrane: Physical and performance study for  industrial wastewater treatment, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 41, 102031.
  5. Salim, N.A.A., Puteh, M.H., Khamidun, M.H., Fulazzaky, M.A., Abdullah N.H, Mohd Yusoff, A.R., Ahmad Zaini,  M.A., Ahmad, N., Lazim, Z.M., Nuid, M. (2021) Interpretation of isotherm models for adsorption of  ammonium onto granular activated carbon, Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 11(2), pp.  9227–9241.