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Meet Our Experts

ChM. Dr. Mohd Akmali Bin Mokhter

Diploma in Science (France), Bachelor of Science (France), Masters of Science (France), PhD Physical Chemistry (France)


Membrane Technology, Membrane for Water & Wastewater Treatment,  Filtration, Adsorption


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  2. A. Mokhter, S. Lakard, C. Magnenet, M. Euvrard & B. Lakard, Preparation of polyelectro- lyte-modified membranes for heavy metal ions removal, Environmental Technology, 38 (2017) 2476-2485
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  4. A. Mokhter; C. Magnenet; S. Lakard; M. Euvrard; A. M. Aden; S. Clement; A. Mehdi; B. Lakard, Use of Modified Colloids and Membranes to Remove Metal Ions from Contaminated Solutions, Colloids And Interface. 2, 19  (May 2018) 1-18
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  7. Abdul-Aziz Mohd Hassan; Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim, Mohd Bakri Bakar; Mohd Marsin Sanagi; Zetty  Azalea Sutirman; Hamid Rashidi Nodeh; Mohd Akmali Mokhter, New effective 3-aminopropyltrime-  thoxysilane functionalized magnetic sporopollenin- based silica coated graphene oxide adsorbent